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2015 Nominations for the MCP Board of Directors

Laureen Catlin
Member since 1983
Nominated by: Darren Lee

I nominate Laureen Catlin. Because she's Laureen and she's awesome. She has served the group in so many ways and about every roll you can imagine. She has MCP in her heart.


Tessa Catlin

Member Since 2005
Nominated by: Stephen Catlin
I would like to nominate Tessa Catlin for the board.  She has served on the board for several years as the Treasurer. She has taken on increasingly active roles both on and off stage since coming to Mason in 2010. She is driven, focused, good at planning, has a good financial sense and loves the theater, what more could you ask for? She looks forward to working with everyone in 2015.

Perry Gary

Member Since 2011
Nominated by: Paula Brinkman
I would like to nominate Perry Gary for the MCP board of directors. I have only been involved with MCP for a short two years, but Perry has made quite the impression on me in that time. He was actually one of the first people that I met. I came to audition for "Three Murders and it's only Monday", and he was greeting people at auditions and passing out the audition forms. He was immediately welcoming and made me feel very included even on the very first visit. Perry has been involved in numerous productions, both on and off stage, as actor, house manager, box office volunteer, and scenic designer. Not to mention to amazing cast parties he throws. Perry's enthusiasm is absolutely unbridled, as seen most recently as most "southern white boy" Buddha that has ever graced the stage. I was most impressed when I saw Perry encouraging all the children in "The King and I" (all 24 of them!) to go out and do their best and "just have fun!", because.... in Perry's words "That's what theatre is for."

Jason Gonzalez

Member Since 1995
Nominated by: Lara Gonzalez
I would like to nominate Jason Gonzalez for the 2015 MCP board. While nepotism is alive and well in Ohio, my nomination is based on Jason’s record of service and participation instead. Jason has been involved in MCP off and on for almost two decades.  On stage folks have seen him in roles like Old Joe Hardy and Horton the Elephant, but Jason’s true depth of experience comes from serving nearly every position possible behind the scenes. From stage manager to “fly guy” to set construction to lights and sound… Jason has brought this experience during his past two terms on the MCP board.  He is also a world class Devil’s Advocate.  In both his personal and professional life, Jason enjoys seeking out alternate points of view and debating from all possible angles to ensure that every decision considers as many outcomes as possible, and prepares the participants as completely as possible. I believe that Jason enjoys his time as a board member, and would encourage all members to support his continuation in this capacity.  And he owns an SUV—which is like a truck…

Lara Gonzalez

Member Since 2010
Nominated by: Julie Poux
I would like to nominate Lara Gonzalez to the MCP Board of Directors for 2015. Lara has been an active member of the Greater Cincinnati Community Theater scene since moving to Cincinnati about 15 years ago. Lara has served in many roles in the numerous productions in many different groups across the city of which she has been a part. She has performed brilliantly onstage in both musicals and plays (most recently seen as Juror #7 in Twelve Angry Men for MCP).  Her talent along with a major in music has also allowed her to showcase her expertise as both musical and vocal director - for which she has won multiple OCTA and ACT awards. Not only is she talented onstage, her knack for organization and her leadership skills have allowed her to shine in her work on the MCP’s communications committee. Despite her very busy work schedule, Lara stepped up to be the Communications liaison for several shows over the past 3 years. Her creativity and coordination make her a tremendous resource for the group. Her presence on the committee has been instrumental in the success of this group. Not only does she present new and interesting ideas for publicity but she steps up to do whatever is necessary to implement them. Onstage or off, Lara has the ability to make any production or project she is a part of exceptional. I know that she will bring a wealth of experience and ideas to lead this group. I am certain that, as MCP moves forward into a new chapter, Lara’s extensive on stage and production experience would make her an excellent candidate for the 2015 MCP Board of Directors.

Eric Grimm

Member Since 1988
Nominated by: Mary Stan Fizer
Eric Grimm is a native to Mason, OH. He is eager to see the theater arts grow in thecommunity. He wants to expand efforts to promote Mason Community Players (MCP) and thinks that many people are not even aware that there is a theater group in Mason. Eric wants MCP to take a more proactive approach in advertising and marketing of MCP as a whole, not just before each show, but to also draw people in as performers and audience members. Eric has a total of 12 years of service with MCP. In 1988, at the age of 12, Eric performed in his first show. Eric returned to the MCP stage from 1995 through 1999 in multiple productions. In 2009, after a hiatus, Eric returned to the MCP stage and continues his service with the group today. In addition to being onstage, Eric has also taken on responsibilities behind the scenes including usher/box office worker, set construction assistant, costume coordinator, make-up and hair designer, and choreographer. As a first-time producer, Eric won an Orchid Award for The Music Man (2013). He has also been nominated for Orchids for his work with hair and make-up for two shows. Eric served on the MCP Board of Directors in 2011 and 2012. While on the board, he was a member of the production committee. For many years, Eric also has been actively involved with the annual ATP fundraiser and other community promotions like a booth at the Heritage Festival in Mason for several years. Eric Grimm is committed to the future growth of MCP in the Mason area and would serve the organization well as a board member for 2015. He has also shown his loyalty to MCP by taking the phrase “break a leg” to the extreme!

Larry Hirth

Member Since 2004
Nominated by: Laureen Catlin
I would like to nominate Larry Hirth to the Mason Community Players, Inc. Board of Directors. Larry is a ten year member of MCP. During that time he has played a critical role in the presentation of 14 musical productions through instrumental performance, conducting, and instrumental music direction. But Larry did not confine himself to the musical aspects of theatre at MCP. He has contributed many hours of work in set construction, strikes and technical support for more than 30 productions. He has shared with the group his knowledge of sound and of construction. He has allowed the use of audio equipment, construction supplies and musical instruments without remuneration. Larry has also dedicated many hours to storage and fundraising. He has also given his time as a Board Member, serving from 2009-2012 and again in 2014. Furthermore, Larry has been a member of the Production Committee since its inception. Larry brings many years of experience in theatre and performance support before joining MCP and has shared the benefits of that experience unstintingly. Most importantly, Larry holds MCP in his heart and dedicates himself to the success of the group. He is a great asset to the Board of Directors and should continue to serve among its members.

Jason Holt

Member Since 2005
Nominated by: Phil Catlin
I nominate Jason Holt for the Mason Community Players Board of Directors.  Jason has been a member of the group since 2005, and has willingly offered his time and talent in a variety of areas. He has served as the sound and lighting technician for a number of shows and has managed to secure lighting equipment that we will be able to use in the future.  He has lent his construction expertise for several of our shows. Jason has been a member of the board for 6 years and currently serves this group as its President.  Jason is a true friend of MCP and it is my distinct honor to offer his name in nomination for the Board of Directors.

Darren Lee
Member since 2012
Nominated by: Tom Davis
I nominate Darren Courtney for the Board of Directors. He has extensive business experience, has constructed sets for several MCP productions, and is an enthusiastic supporter of the group.

Matt Lisa

Member since 2013
Nominated by: Tom Davis
I would like to nominate Matt Lisa for the 2015 MCP Board. He and his entire family have been enthusiastic performers in past productions. Matt is outgoing, friendly and generous with his time and talent. With his professional background in restaurant management, Matt has expressed interest in expanding possibilities for MCP to market itself and increase both revenues and our presence in the community.
While discussing some of his ideas for MCP's future, I suggested he run for the Board and he responded, "I don't know- I get pretty intense when it comes to money-making ideas. I might offend people!" I assured him his energy and enthusiasm might be quite welcome on the Board and besides, since we already know and like him, I doubt he could offend us

Gaylene May Schumacher

Member Since 2008
Nominated by: Mary Stan Fizer
I am pleased to nominate Gaylene May Schumacher for the 2015 Board of Directors for Mason Community Players. Gaylene is an experienced tenured board member whose careful deliberate approach serves that governing body well. Gaylene enjoys all aspects of theatre, both on and off the stage, sometimes within the same production! To say that Gaylene is hardworking is an understatement. She is willing to take on any task that is asked of her, to promote and ensure the success of a specific show and MCP as a whole. Even at the risk of her health, Gaylene does not shirk her duties to the organization. She is interested in building relationships for MCP and the communities it serves.

Julie Poux

Member Since 2008
Nominated by: Lara Gonzalez
I would like to nominate Julie Poux for the 2015 MCP board. Julie is a charismatic actress and singer, but does not limit herself to participation on stage. She was first drafted into MCP to help backstage on “Scrooge” and has been a contributor to every season (sometimes every show within the season) since then. She consistently steps up to contribute wherever a production needs help; frequently pulling more than her own weight in stage construction and load-in. Julie continues to volunteer for new positions as well- such as lighting design and setup for shows like Damn Yankees. She is an organizer; her personal commitments are planned, and executed on time and with precision. Julie also has a passionate belief in excellence- this often means that she will jump in to contribute wherever a hand or mind is needed. Julie has served on the MCP board for 3 years, now- providing service during this time as Communication committee member, leader, as well as Secretary at one point. As long as she is willing to serve, I believe that her dedication to excellence, discipline for follow-though, and general passion and enthusiasm to support MCP will be an asset to this group. And she owns an SUV—which is like a truck…so it can haul lots of stuff.

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