• 1 Mamma Mia! Promises Summer Sizzle
  • 2 Mamma Mia! Offers Night to Sing-a-Long
  • 3 Announcing a Cast of Evil
  • 4 MCP Honored with 44 Orchids
  • 5 Three Mason Players Honored for Service
  • 6 How to Contact MCP!
  • 7 Take a R.I.D.E. with MCP in 2019
  • 8 Cast of Mamma Mia! Announced!
  • 9 ACT Convention/OCTA Regional Begins June 20th
  • 10 Welcome to Theatre 42
  • 11 MCP Banquet Honored Many
  • 12 MCP Board of Directors for 2019 Announced
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