Theatre is an expensive pursuit. There are royalties to be paid. Every production requires funds for sets, costumes, wigs, make-up, properties, publicity and programs. There are ongoing expenses for lighting and sound equipment. When you lease a space, there are rent and utilities to be paid. And MCP tries to improve Theatre 42 as much as possible in order to make it more and more comfortable and accommodating to its performers, technicians and staff, and most importantly, for its audiences. Without the financial support of very generous individuals, MCP would not be able to continue to provide community theatre. And so with grateful hearts we acknowledge the support of the following:

Angels ($500+)
Phil & Laureen Catlin
Tom & Sara Davis
Jason & Lara Gonzalez
Eric Grimm
Peyton Hahn
Darren Lee & Trisha Cooper
Matt & Jennifer Lisa
Gail Rose
Bill & Gaylene Schumacher
Tim & Debbie Wesolowski

Producers’ Guild ($250-$499)
Mary Stan Fizer
Tim Geering
Becca McLaughlin
John & Pat Miller
Maureen “Mo” Rettig
Tom & Paula Johansen Triplett
Directors’ Circle ($100-$249)
Terri Beerens
Susan Berger
Perry & Melissia Gary
Theresa Kahle
Sonya Neff
Julie Poux
Rich & Gail Rudolph
Mickey Samons*
Bob & Charnice Supper*

Players’ Club ($50-$99)
Theo & Paula J. Brinkman
Tom & Diane Caruso
Fred & Royal Duncan
Gloria Giannestras
Larry & Verol Hirth
Carol Horst
Pete & Laura Padolik
Brian & Caroline Poedtke
Linda Powers

Patrons ($25-$49)
Mike & Jane Renkiewicz

Friends of MCP ($15-$24)
Brian & Jennifer Bisig
Josi Gottfried
Esther Larson
Marilyn Lee
Jackie Matisse
Randy & Cathy Overbeck

                                                   * In Memory of Jason Holt