Each year, Mason Community Players honors a number of members for their dedication and community spirit. These members are honored at the group's annual banquet. The 2017 Banquet, Songs, Silliness and Surprises, celebrating the shows and events of 2016, was held January 7th in the Pavilion at the Golf Center in Mason.

Some of the awards are humorous; some are in appreciation for service during the year and some are to honor the continued and dedicated service of many years. All are given in a spirit of gratitude for the members who give so much of their time, their talent, their skill and their knowledge to make MCP a success. Listed below are the individuals who were recognized for their "contributions" in 2016.

Below this list are links to all the recipients of the most prestigious awards.

Honored this year:

The Gong Award (the most significant in performance gaff)
Darren Lee for multiple occasions of ad libbing to comment upon the condition of the "hotel" in which his character was found. As pieces of the set and set decor fell, he commented on the condition of the hotel as going downhill.

Bloody Smurfs (drawing blood in the service of MCP)
Ryan Drake ... bloody knees from falling, fixing, etc. as his character in Inspecting Carol
Gaylene May Schumacher ... very deep splinter during set construction for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Stephen Catlin ... unknown cause of blood drawn during set construction for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Brian Bisig ... held baton so tightly while conducting for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels that it drew blood
Brandon Dunphy ...  drew blood at set construction for both Greater Tuna and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Eric Grimm ... cut finger while sorting show shirts for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and invoked the "Revenge of the Tape Measure" because he was playing with said tape measure and it snapped back and cut him during set construction for Greater Tuna

MO-Trin Awards (harming one's self in the service of MCP without loss of blood)
Larry Catlin & Eric Johansen ... carried heavy sofa on and off the stage during performances of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, causing bruises on legs and back aches, coupled with carrying many other heavy set pieces for the show 
Debbie Wesolowski ... huge and nasty bruise from a falling painting, part of the set decor for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels 
Kiya Fix ... contracted Aseptic Meningitis during the rehearsals for Murder's Bad but Monday Can Kill You
Becca McLaughlin ... sprained wrist badly by falling off stage during a photo shoot for the pictures to be used in the lobby display for Murder's Bad but Monday Can Kill You
Justin Sanford ... ended up at the bottom of a pile of many fellow cast members during the shows for Inspecting Carol
Jason Gonzalez ... the total disregard of the cast of Sweetheart Revue for his lighting instruments gave him a serious headache

Most Community Player (chosen by vote of cast, crew, staff of show)
For Sweetheart Revue
Technician: Jason Gonzalez
Musician: Lara Gonzalez
Performers: Mandy Caruso & Shannon Mahoney

For Greater Tuna
The "Tuna Helper": Darren Lee 

For Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Technician: Dana Davis
Musician: Pete Padolik
Performer: Lolo Pateras

For Murder's Bad but Monday Can Kill You
Technician: Rachel Kavanaugh & Eric Johansen
Performer: Perry Gary 

For Inspecting Carol
Technician: Dana Davis
Performer: Joel Lind

Magnet Mayhem (given by Catlin Family to highlight some occurrence from the past year)
Anyone who aided in the fundraising efforts of MCP throughout 2016 including being a financial patron, gifting material for productions, volunteering for any fundraising event or donating items for the auction allowing MCP to raise over $45,000 was gifted with a magnet which reads, "Your dedication is cause for applause."

Silver Service Awards (named by any group member for service above and beyond the call of duty)
Mike Bohanan, Phil Catlin, Stephen Catlin, Stephanie Dalsfoist, Tom Davis, Mary Stan Fizer, Katrina Fulmer, Tim Geering, Larry Hirth, Terry Kahle, Matt Lisa, Becca McLaughlin, Gail Rose, Gail Rudolph, Gaylene May Schumacher, Angela Sparks, Katie Sparks, Austin Steinmann, Mary Taylor, Kally Turner, with a "Gold" Silver Service to Eric Grimm

Business of the Year (chosen via vote by the Board of Directors)
Lebanon, Mason & Monroe Railroad

Catlin Award (chosen by the previous recipient and given to a member whose participation is or began because of their devotion to family or friend)

Bill Schumacher

Jason Holt Award honoring the Technician of the Year (chosen via vote by the Board of Directors for dedication to the technical aspects of productions throughout the year)

Jason Gonzalez

Vice-President's Award (chosen by the Vice-President to honor dedicated service by a member for 5 or less years)

Darren Lee

President's Award (chosen by the President to honor dedicated service by a member for 6 to 10 years)

Jason Gonzalez & Lara Gonzalez

Terry Family Founder's Award (chosen by the Terry Family from nominations submitted from the members of the Board of the individual most responsible for administrative support during the year)

Peyton Hahn

Dallas W and Helen Bowyer Award (chosen via vote by the Board of Directors for dedicated service in a critical aspect of theatre over a period of many years ... at least 5)
Mary Stan Fizer

Grace Campbell Award (chosen via vote by the Board of Directors for continued dedicated service over many years ... at least 5 ... in many areas of theatre) 

John Miller

Grace Campbell Award Recipients

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