Lara Gonzalez is in her third year as the chair of the Communications Committee. She leads a large team of dedicated individuals who work to publicize MCP events, primarily the productions of each season, but also information about Theatre 42, group accomplishments, social events and member news. This committee is responsible for maintaining e-mail distribution lists, Facebook pages and the group's web site. 

For each production, the group takes on the following ...
  • Design black and white & color posters in ½ and full page 8.5x11 sizes. Larger sizes upon request
  • Business Cards
  • Half page Mailer sent to MCP member list (500-700 ppl)
  • Banner in Downtown Mason (if spots is available)
  • Facebook Events created on MCP Page and Theatre 42 Page
  • Facebook private cast, crew, and staff group
  • MCP Website updates
  • Deliver Information to local Senior Centers for group viewing opportunities
  • Writing "master blurb" and articles
  • Season brochure and Rack card
  • Wesseling ring and Rob Bucher Behind the Curtain event/article/picture submissions
  • email blasts to MCP lists
  • Survey on Publicity effectiveness (feedback on show),
  • We have an email to send photos, show info, etc to. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Can use things like photos etc. on the FB page.  Information on other theater shows etc will go out on regular email blasts
  • Online calendar submissions to any local print news- includes Cincinnati Enquirer, Pulse Journal, and others upon request
  • Ongoing promotion through local businesses with whom we have developed a relationship. For example, The Houston Restaurant, Yost Pharmacy, Aponte’s, etc.
  • Buzzfeed at BW3’s on Tylersville Rd (content changed each show)


Other items provided intermittently- usually during the summer production.

  • Radio ads
  • Movie Theater pre-show scrolling ad
  • Contact matrix for key contacts with School and theater groups, own list of dropoff places for flyers etc.


Expectations of our cast members:

  • Share/distribute Business Cards
  • Share, comment, etc Facebook events
  • Print electronic flyers provided to share with potential audience members
  • Personal email appeal to friends and family (Use the “master article” provided as a backbone)
  • Drive sales to the website and ticket hotline vs. encouraging walk-up tickets
  • Print and Post the 8.5x11 posters provided in establishments you frequent. Let Steven Catlin know if this is an ongoing service you can provide.
  • Specific promotion requests per show- most frequent items would be personal appearance at a high traffic area, act and participate in promotional video or photos, summer parade, etc

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