Framework Facilities

Five years ago MCP created a Production Committee with two major goals ... two support the work of each Producer on a show and to investigate the viability of different venues in the hope of finding MCP a home where the group could present shows, rehearse, store its inventory and construct sets, props and costumes for productions. Over the course of its existence the group discovered that the "search for a home" became all-consuming. And then, when a suitable location was found and a lease agreement engaged in January 2015, taking care of "home" took a great deal of time. The poor producers were pretty much on their own ... until this year. The one group became two ... Production Facilities and Production Performance.

Larry Hirth chairs the Facilities Committee. He and the members of his committee are responsible for seeing to the maintenance of Theatre 42, planning and overseeing any renovations, administrating the rental of Theatre 42 and scheduling its use. Included within its membership is the Facilities Manager, a position filled by Matt Lisa, on a volunteer basis. This group determines the short- and long-term goals that allow Theatre 42 to be the best facility possible for the performance of theatre and for the comfort of audiences within the constraints of MCP's budget.

Matt Lisa is the acting chair of the Performance Committee. The members of this group aid the producer of each individual show. They help to troubleshoot challenges and develop best practices for the staff roles of all shows. Within their mandate is the education of members in the knowledge of theatre crafts ... acting, directing, vocal direction, instrumental direction, choreography, artistic design and the many technical roles that are needed for the success of a production. They also help to develop uniform set building practices so that pieces can be reused throughout many productions. They determine the short- and long-term needs in the areas of lighting, sound, props, costumes and other areas directly related to theatre performance.