MCP Seeks New Venue

Since 2015, Mason Community Players has had the privilege of calling the property at 2752 S US Route 42 home. Though renters, the group had been allowed to make many changes to provide the best theatre experience possible within the building’s limitations.

The group is grateful to you for being a part of the experience. We are grateful to you the performers, you the technicians, you our patrons, and to you our audience. Thank you for being a part of our community.

Recently, the owners have found it necessary to sell the property. That means MCP must vacate the former Theatre 42 before the end of June 2020. MCP was aware that the property might need to be sold and has been searching for a new venue since early in the year. The group will continue to do so. MCP will announce the location of its new “home” as soon as it becomes a reality. Please keep MCP in your thoughts.

Spring Show Postponed

Director Tess Catlin wishes to announce that cast of MCP's show,
You Have the Right to Remain Dead will continue to support the production into the future.
At this time, due to the current situation, the show will NOT be produced in its previous May slot.
MCP hopes to reschedule and awaits the results of more information from our Governor!

Taking the stage for this merry murder mystery will be

Harnell Chesterton - Tom Yoder
Officer Bainbridge - Scott Mussari
Blanche LaToure - Julie Walborn
Arnold Turnbull/Fat Daddy - Phil Catlin
Doris Turnbull/Sweet Mama - Melissia Gary
Lois Jacobsen/Savannah/Man 1- Gabrielle Witherspoon
Steve Randall/Earl/Man 2 - Kyle Hoskins
Leigh Dorsett/Hyacinth - Ashley Wuerdeman
Ajax Conroy/Clete/Man 3 - Daniel Ballard
Trudy Marsh - Isabella Lisa

MCP is excited to welcome back to the stage Scott, Julie, Pat, Melissia, and Katie. And the troupe is thrilled to welcome newcomers Tom, Gabrielle, Kyle, Ashley, and Daniel.

The Producer for the show will be Laureen Catlin with Jess Bunn serving as Stage Manager.

Tickets are on sale and will be honored! Just click here!

Three Mason Players Honored for Service

Mason Players is extremely proud that three of our members were given special recognition at the Annual OCTA Regional/ACT Cincinnati Conference the weekend of June 20-22, 2019.

Peyton Hahn received a Rising Star Award honoring those whose dedication to community theatre is evident early in their association with a group. The award was created to acknowledge that the number of years of service does not affect the quality of the service. Outstanding service can be evident, and often is, among the youthful and those who have returned to theatre after a long hiatus. Since Peyton joined MCP in 2012, while still a student, he has given countless hours toward the success of the group. He was instrumental in ensuring the financial health of the group as chair of the Finance Committee, and Peyton serves on the Board of Directors, currently as Vice-President. Peyton was also instrumental in encouraging ACT Cincinnati to institute this award to honor the dedication of his peers. Eight others were named Rising Stars with him, and he can take pride in knowing they received accolades because of his commitment. MCP is proud to have him be recognized throughout the region as a “Rising Star.”

Perry Gary was awarded the Ohio Community Theatre Association’s Spirit of Community Theatre Award. This award is to recognize individuals within a region of OCTA for their service to community theatre, as well as their positive influence on their member group, their region, and community theatre in general throughout the state. No one embodies being positive more than Perry. His dedication to the success of MCP is apparent in the hours he spends as chair of the Membership Committee, as a fundraising coordinator with Lebanon, Mason and Monroe Railroad, behind the stage in a myriad of ways and on stage as a performer. MCP is thrilled to let the whole state know that Perry brings us great joy as he gifts us with so much talent and hard work.

Laureen Catlin received the coveted Art Rouse Award from ACT Cincinnati. The Art Rouse Award is given annually in Art's memory to a member from an ACT Theatre to honor an individual who has shown exceptional commitment and dedication to community theatre. Laureen has been dedicated to the success of MCP for more than 35 years in a variety of capacities from administration to strike. She joins a long list of honorees who have dedicated countless years toward community theatre in the Cincinnati area.

MCP Banquet Honored Many

The MCP Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet held on January 4, 2020 was a great success. The Banquet celebrated the accomplishments of the 2019 season when MCP Took a R.I.D.E. with four productions and a special revue. The productions included The Visit, Mamma Mia!Dr. Evil and the Basket of Kittens, the 2019 Gender Bender Revue, and Tuna Does Vegas.

Following a cocktail hour and dinner, the group held its annual meeting to elect the new members of the 2020 Board of Directors.
Click here for the list of those who will serve throughout this year.

Those present then turned their attention to the Awards Ceremony. The evening was filled with recognition. Some of the "awards" honored the humor that filled the year, while many honored the dedication and commitment of the troupe's members. Among the humorous were the Bloody Smurfs given to those who draw blood in the service of their art and the MO-Trin Awards for those who injure themselves without spilling any of their life blood.

Awards for dedication included Magnet Mayhem, the Silver Service Awards, the Most Community Player Awards for each show, the Vice-President's Award, the President's Award, the Jason Holt Technician of the Year Award, the Terry Family Founder Award, the Dallas and Helen Bowyer Award and the Grace Campbell Award.

Throughout the evening, members who were honored with Orchid Award Nominations from ACT Cincinnati and those who received Orchid Awards were acknowledged through a slide show presentation. Another presentation highlighted each of the productions throughout the year with projected photos.

There were also 12 winners of door prizes ... superb themed baskets filled with many items chosen by the evening's presenters. And the evening wrapped up with dancing!

For a list of all of the Award Recipients from the Banquet, just click here!

For a listing of all of those who have received nominations or Orchid Awards from ACT Cincinnati, just click here!