Man of La Mancha Auditions Are Soon!

Mason Community Players is excited to announce auditions for its 2018 summer show, Man of La Mancha.

Join director Liz Olekas and her production staff at auditions.
They will be held:
Sunday, April 29th from 2:00 to 5:00 PM
Sunday, April 29th from 7:00 to 9:00 PM
Monday, April 30th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.
Callbacks will be at 8:00 PM Monday the 30th, if needed.

Auditions on both days will be held at Theatre 42, located at 2752 S. US Route 42, Lebanon, OH 45036. The venue is just north of Mason on Route 42 ... one driveway north of the Southwest Golf Ranch.

Please come prepared with 16-32 bars of a song that demonstrates your range and vocal ability. An accompanist will be provided or you may bring an instrumental track. The director may ask you to do a cold-reading from the script. All roles are available; MCP is looking for all levels of talent to be in the show and help behind the scenes. A list of roles are available for review below.

Walk-ins are welcome, but the production staff highly encourages you to sign up for an audition time by clicking here.

Join MCP in producing one of the most enduring works and great theatre successes of our time. This thrilling play-within-a-play, based on Cervantes’ Don Quixote is a remarkable classic. The old man’s dream is Everyman’s dream. His tilting at windmills is Everyman’s great adventure.

The show's rehearsals will start in May and performances will be July 27th, 28th, 29th and August 2nd, 3rd and 4th. All but the performance on July 29th will be at 8:00 PM. The performance on the 29th is a 2:00 PM Matinee.


Cervantes/Don Quixote: Male, 40+; Starring role. Must have tremendous depth as an actor and a heroic baritone voice. This is a double role between the writer Cervantes who is a poet, an unconventional thinker, and Quixote, a restless spirit. He is the “foolish knight” who believes chivalry is alive. Vocal range: B2-E4.

Aldonza: Female, 35+; Starring role. Must have tremendous acting and singing ability with a gutsy belt to a high A. Aldonza is a “savage, dark alley cat”, she is defensive, defiant, and a survivor. She is also wary. However, beneath her tough exterior is a woman with a noble heart who desperately wants to be loved. Vocal range: Ab3-Ab5.

Sancho Panza: Male, 30+; Actor doubles as Cervantes’ manservant and Quixote’s sidekick Sancho. He is funny, has a light-hearted spirit, and has a deep and true kindness. His essence is that of caretaker and thus the actor must have depth and subtlety. He must also sing well, but can have a comic voice. Vocal range: C3-A4.

Padre: Male, 40+; A kind but passive religious leader.  He is well-intentioned, but not strong enough to stand fully behind his beliefs. He’s a pleaser, but he has a soul and a heart. Vocal range: C3-G4.

Duke/Dr. Carrasco: Male, 30+; The Duke is a man of “breeding, intelligence, logic”. He is analytical and scientific, however he can also be arrogant, because he’s usually the smartest person in the room. In this version, he will be a foil to Quixote. Must feel like a thoughtful, leading man. Vocal range: C3-C.

The Innkeeper/Governor: Male, 40+; A large and powerful man. He is kind as the Innkeeper, a gentle giant, but as the Governor he is the leader of the inmate society in the prison. Vocal range: B2-C.

Maria, Innkeeper's Wife: Female 30+; The exasperated wife of the Innkeeper. She sees, and expects, the worst of all who enter the inn. Could double with the Housekeeper. Vocal range: F3-D5.

Housekeeper: Female 20+; Quixote’s self-righteous, fastidious housekeeper. She cares for Quixote deeply, and has fantasies of a romantic relationship with him. Vocal range: G3-D5.

The Barber: Male, 20+; Funny. He travels the countryside and peddles shaves. He is known by everyone. Vocal range: C3-G4.

Muleteers: Male, all ages; Strong, masculine highwaymen. Men of size and stature. They are murderers, rapist and thieves who await their death in prison. Vocal range: B2-E4.

Moorish Girl/Flamenco Dancer: Female 20+; She has lived life. Dancer with knowledge of the Flamenco style helpful, but not necessary. Vocal range: B2-F4.

Save the Dates for 2018 Auditions

Are you planning to audition for one of MCP's shows in 2018?

Be sure that you place these dates on your calendar ...

Man of La Mancha will be auditioned Sunday, April 29th, from 2:00 to 5:00 PM and from 7:00 to 9:00 PM, as well as, Monday, April 30th, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. The show will be performed July 27th-29th and August 2nd-4th. For detailed information about these auditions, click here!

The Foreigner will be auditioned Tuesday, July 31st, and Wednesday, August 1st, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. The show will be performed September 28th-30th and October 4th-6th.

Sentimental Journey: A Salute to the USO will be auditioned Friday, September 7th, and Saturday, September 8th. Times TBD. The show will be performed November 9th-11th and 16th-18th.

All auditions will be at Theatre 42, 2752 S. US Route 42, Lebanon, OH 45036.

Auditioners are not required to attend more than one session for a particular show. Details about how to prepare for a show's auditions will be published closer to the audition dates for the show in question. Some auditions may require scheduling of an appointment. That information will be made available when further details are published.

And do not miss the two shows whose casts are already selected and in place ... Enchanted April, being performed April 13th-15th and 19th-21st, and Red, White & Tuna, being performed June 8th-10th and 14th-16th.

Tickets for all 2018 performances are available now. Just click here.

Eleven Elected to Board of Directors

Each year, Mason Community Players, Inc. elects its Board of Directors. This year, eleven individuals were elected to the 2017 Board of Directors. Five of the members will serve one year terms and six will serve two year terms. The members for this year are ...

Julie Poux
(One Year)

Matt Lisa
(Two Years)

Tessa Catlin
(One Year)

Eric Grimm
(Two Years)

Members at Large

Laureen Catlin
(One Year)

Jonathan Eckman
(Two Years)

Perry Gary
(One Year)

Jason Gonzalez
(Two Years)

Peyton Hahn
(Two Years)

Larry Hirth
(Two Years)

Gail Rudolph
(One Year)

Welcome to Theatre 42

Join us ... all MCP productions are now presented at Theatre 42 located at 2752 S. US Route 42, Lebanon, OH 45036. The venue is just north of Mason on Route 42 one driveway to the right beyond the Southwest Golf Ranch.

Nothing has been quite as exciting as having a place that MCP can call home. Being able to store, build, rehearse and perform in the same building has really made a difference for the group. It has streamlined the process for productions and it helps that our audiences know where to find us for every performance.

Still, MCP cannot make use of the building every day and so allowing the building to be used for other events is a very sensible approach. The group has developed a rental policy to welcome others to Theatre 42. Members are welcomed to rent the space for celebrations. Other theatre groups are welcomed to rent the space for productions. Performance groups of all types are welcomed to rent the space to present their talent to local audiences.

Rental Prices are as follows:
For one 8-Hour Day = $400
For a weekend, including Friday, Saturday & Sunday = $1,000
For a "Show Week" of Monday through Sunday = $2,000
For a Two Weekend Run = $3,500

Are you interested in a rental of Theatre 42? Have questions about the rates/details? 
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..