Director Tess Catlin wishes to announce that cast of MCP's show,
You Have the Right to Remain Dead will continue to support the production into the future.
At this time, due to the current situation, the show will NOT be produced in its previous May slot.
MCP hopes to reschedule and awaits the results of more information from our Governor!

Taking the stage for this merry murder mystery will be

Harnell Chesterton - Tom Yoder
Officer Bainbridge - Scott Mussari
Blanche LaToure - Julie Walborn
Arnold Turnbull/Fat Daddy - Phil Catlin
Doris Turnbull/Sweet Mama - Melissia Gary
Lois Jacobsen/Savannah/Man 1- Gabrielle Witherspoon
Steve Randall/Earl/Man 2 - Kyle Hoskins
Leigh Dorsett/Hyacinth - Ashley Wuerdeman
Ajax Conroy/Clete/Man 3 - Daniel Ballard
Trudy Marsh - Isabella Lisa

MCP is excited to welcome back to the stage Scott, Julie, Pat, Melissia, and Katie. And the troupe is thrilled to welcome newcomers Tom, Gabrielle, Kyle, Ashley, and Daniel.

The Producer for the show will be Laureen Catlin with Jess Bunn serving as Stage Manager.

Tickets are on sale and will be honored! Just click here!