Mason Community Players wishes to thank the following individuals who have donated through a special program designed to cover the cost of storage until a new venue is found. The program is called Take a Month, Take a Week, Take a Day. Donations at various levels allow MCP to pay the monthly rent for the storage units that house all of the costumes, properties, set pieces, and building accessories that MCP owns.

A great big thank-you is extended to the following:

Angels ($500+)
Phil, Laureen, Larry, Steve, Tess & Felicity Catlin
Jason, Lara & Melody Gonzalez
Peyton Corbin Hahn
Matt, Jennifer, Alex, Belle & Anthony Lisa
Becca McLaughlin
Gail Rose
Jon & Kaleigh Scheiding
Bill & Gaylene Schumacher

Producers’ Guild ($250-$499)
David Grimm

Directors’ Circle ($100-$249)
Jay & Paula Fultz
Carol Lathrop
Peter Padolik
Gail & Rich Rudolph

Players’ Club ($50-$99)
Susan Berger
C.G. Gray
Rachel Kavanaugh

Due to the generosity of these individuals, MCP is able to meet its storage obligations through the third week of February 2021. Interested individuals can still make a donation to help with storage needs. Any funds donated above the storage costs will be earmarked to aid in the renovation of a new venue.

Click here to donate and select Storage - Take 2! 

Two other donor categories do exist, if you are interested ... 

Patrons ($25-$49) and

Friends of MCP ($15-$24)