Dallas & Helen Bowyer Honorees

To recognize outstanding service of 5 or more years
with emphasis in one area of theatre
Instituted at the request of Dallas to honor the memory of Helen.
The Bowyers were significant financial contributors to arts in Mason.
Selected by a vote of the members of the Board of Directors.

 Ellen Straub (1996)           Caroline Poedtke (2007)
 Doug McConnell (1997)           Tom Triplett (2008)
 Chuck Kleesattel (1998)           John Masterson (2009)
 Gail Spaeth Haldeman Kush (1999)           Tim Geering (2010)
 Wally & Jeanne Harpen (2000)           Missy Fram (2011)
 Dorothy Russell (2001)           Jason Holt (2012)
 Peg Limanowski (2002)           Kim Toft (2013)
 Tom Davis (2003)           Fred Tomlinson (2014)
 Laura Keene (2004)           Ashley Keene (2015)
 Paula Johansen Triplett (2005)           Mary Stan Fizer (2016)
 Sara Davis (2006)           Diane Caruso (2017)