Terry Family Founders Award Honorees

To recognize outstanding service in administrative responsibilities,
community liaison and public relations

Instituted in 2002 to honor Karen Terry, Founder of MCP
and her parents Loretta & Howard Terry,

who were instrumental in the continuation of the group during its beginnings.

Each member of the Board of Directors submits a nomination of a deserving candidate and 
the recipient is chosen by a member of the Terry Family from those nominations.

Laureen Catlin (2003) Phil Catlin (2010)
John Usrey (2004) Rich Schmaltz (2011)
Susan Berger (2005) Julie Poux (2012)
Dan Sheeran (2006) John Miller (2013)
Christina Ballas (2007) Tessa Catlin (2014)
Debbie Wesolowski (2008) Matt Lisa (2015)
Rebecca McLaughlin (2009)  Peyton Hahn (2016)