MCP's current Treasurer is veteran member Laureen Catlin. Laureen began her association with MCP in the fall of 1983. Now into her third decade with her MCP family, she is serving her second consecutive year as Treasurer, a post she held many years ago. She has filled all four offices of the Board at one time or another and claims to have lost count of how many years she has sat on the Board. She has served in every aspect of theatre for the group accept make-up/hair ... absolutely no one wants her to be in charge of that area for she has no skills in it whatsoever. She has spent many hours both on stage and off stage with MCP, but her heart is in dance and choreography. Currently, Laureen also serves on the Communications, Facilities, Finance and Liaison Committees. And for better or worse, she is the "Dirty Rotten" Producer of the summer musical.

To the right are the Treasurer Reports for the 2016 year. Please excuse a lack of report in March, the group was making a change to a Quickbooks online package and needed the time to administrate the new system. 

Treasurer's Reports

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