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Live theatre exists because our patrons care!

The cost of tickets and admissions only pay a part of the cost of producing live theatre; especially now that MCP has a new venue to renovate!  Tickets cover the cost of royalties, costumes, set pieces, etc., but do not cover other expenses like capital improvements to the new space, utilities, facility maintenance and upkeep, and inventory.  
Notice that salaries and stipends were not mentioned... because THERE ARE NONE! MCP is a completely volunteer organization, and nobody receives any compensation for taking part in our group.
Your financial support can help to create a beautiful and functional space for Mason and the surrounding community and to keep live theatre thriving in Mason.
You may wish to make a donation that funds a specific item or to donate at one of our patron levels allowing MCP to direct your donation where it is most needed at the time.
Specific Items
Fund a chair - $25
Fund a costume wardrobe - $125
Fund a lighting instrument  - $600
Patron Levels
Angel $500+ or $42 / month
Producers’ Guild $250 or $21/month
Directors’ Circle $100 or $9/month
Players’ Club $50 or $4.50/month
Patron $25 or $2.25 / month
Friend $15 or $1.25 / month

Thanks for keeping live theatre alive!

Total Amount
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Program Listing
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